Pubblicato in Venezia | Musica Graciana


The debut album, Pubblicato in Venezia, by Musica Graciana is the selection of 19th century music released in Venice. It consists of the very rare compositions, created by such artists as Giovanni Picchi, Salamone Rossi, Marcin Mielczewski, Antonio Bertali, and many others. Venice was one of the most important 19th century music centres in Europe. The best music composers from Italy and other European countries were coming to this city situated on the islands in the Adriatic. The contemporary development of print provided the hitherto unseen publications of music materials. 

Today, after over 300 years, Musica Graciana makes choices and composes music, which originated in one of the grandest music centres in the world. Music, which is a magnificent reflection of baroque, a wonderful synthesis of renaissance polyphony and ecstatic Italian affects. 


Musica Graciana:

Katarzyna Kmieciak, Marta Michalak – violins
Radosław Dembiński – viola da gamba
Marcin Bajon – violone
Kamil Lis – table organ
Maksymilian Święch – harpsichord, leader


The album was recorded in Poznań, July 2018.
Mastering: Łukasz Kurzawski Recart,
Photos and design: Bartosz Seifert


Total time: 46:19


All rights reserved © 2018

Released November 17, 2018.