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The Ricercatae et Fantasiae Album is an attempt to transform the liturgical music to the profanum. The compositions were performed originally on the pipe organ, during religious rites. On the harpsichord it was interpreted in a diffrent way – the raw ascetic character of music was transformed into refined melancholy.


The pieces included in the album (ricercares and fantasias) come from a 17th century collection called today Tabulatura Żmudzka, or Tabulatura Adama z Wągrowca. This document from the Jesuit college in Krosno in Żmudź was created in 1618 and is filled only with compositions of the organist of the Cistercian monastery in Wągrowiec. Ricercatae et Fantasiae is the most numerous group of compositions in the book.


The album was recorded on the copy of Onforio Gruarracino harpsichord (tuning: 1/4 comma meantone, a ‘= 465hz.


Mastering: Chordis Studio

Cover design: Bartosz Seifert

Photo: Oliwia Szygulska


Total time: 26 min.


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1. Fantasia secunda, primi toni


2. Fantasia et ricercata primi toni