Sprezzatura Nuova | Maksymilian Święch



Sprezzatura Nuova is the new album with italian harpsichord music. It’s refers to interdisciplinary project with the same title, witch premiered in 2017 in Cultural Centre Zamek in Poznań. Sprezzatura Nuova is a difficult music. Both for the instrumentalist, and listener. It is the sound collection of extremes, dialogue of grace with contrast. The lirycal compositions are interspersed by virtuoso music. Sprezzatura Nuova is also a historical clash of tradition with progress, a confrontation of a certain indefinite, decent with indecent. The program consists of keyboard compositions of artists from the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries: Andrea Gabrieli, Antonio Valente, Girolamo Diruta, Claudio Merulo, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Giovanni Picchi, Bernardo Storace and Tarquinio Merula.


The album was recorded in 2018 on a copy of Honforio Guarracino harpsichord, tuned in 1/4 comma meantone, a’=440Hz. Total time: 39′. Listen the music in excellent quality! (the 32-bit wave format)


Cover design: Bartosz Seifert

Mastering: Chordis Studio


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1.Andrea Gabrieli – Toccata del nono tono


2.Bernardo Storace – Ciaccona in C


3.Claudio Merulo – Toccata nona del quarto tono (Libro Primo)


4.Tarquinio Merula – Sonata Cromatica


5.Girolamo Frescobaldi – Toccata prima (Libro Secondo)


6.Girolamo Diruta – Ricercare a quattro voci


7.Giovanni Picchi – Ballo alla Polacca


8.Antonio Valente – Lo ballo dell Intorcia


9.Antonio Valente – Gagliarda Napoletana